Eifel hosts from the very beginning


Since 2005, we heartily support the regional brand products EIFEL. Since the first beginnings of this brand name, our hotel and restaurant hosts EIFEL. We belong to the quality network with full conviction.

Since the regional brand name EIFEL was created for consumers, customers, and guests alike, one can directly recognize special quality products from the EIFEL symbol. Certification for this symbol is only awarded to businesses and companies which have controlled quality and regionality that can be transparently demonstrated. Strict quality criteria and comprehensive controls promote the sustainable strengthening of the Eifel region as a living, economic and cultural area, which grows from within. Contrary to globalization tendencies, the EIFEL regional brand pursues the goal of strengthening the quality-oriented small and medium-sized structures in the rural low mountain region, and thus also enabling the preservation and further development of the Eifel region.

The logo EIFEL shown by businesses is a visible sign of hospitality, high quality, and good service. Through outstanding services, we, as EIFEL hosts particularly stand out from other providers in terms of quality standards. At the same time, it means solidarity and a strengthening of the Eifel from within. Thus, real regional products of the EIFEL producers come from the farm or the wood onto the plate.
You will taste the difference!

We do not know how to standstill. We are always trying to improve ourselves regarding the service quality further. For this reason, we had an industry expert and tourism expert take a closer look at us for the first time in October 2021, and conducted the "EIFEL Host Service Check" at our hotel. As part of this "customer journey", there were various criteria and possible guest contact points that were checked, examined, and questioned, as well as, customer planning to booking to departure. A total of 30 criteria were assessed according to a point-system. The result is impressive: we were able to achieve 90 out of 100 %.
Christine Arnicot remarks on the service check: "We enjoyed it very much. He brought back a lot of great ideas and inspirations. You actually know a lot of things, but everyday life just keeps you on your toes and a certain operational blindness then always emerges. We are looking forward to gradually implementing the improvements in our hotel."

Here you can find an explanatory video of the regional brand EIFEL, or further information at: www.regionalmarke-eifel.de and www.eifel-gastgeber.de