Vacation in the Eifel


With approximately 3,200 inhabitants, the small Eifel town, Kaisersesch belongs to the county district Cochem-Zell, and is located in the province of Rhineland-Palatinate. The town lies 410 meters above sea level on the edge of the Eifel region, and approximately 12 Kilometers North of the Moselle River between the East- and Volcanic Eifel region.

In 1997, Kaisersesch regained its city rights and now advertises with the slogan: "the small city that has everything". Here you can find: doctors, dentists, pharmacists, car repair shops, hardware stores, clothing stores, supermarkets, drugstores, furniture stores, restaurants, pubs, as well as, hairdressers and much more.

The city is the administrative and municipality center of the Kaisersesch county, which includes another 26 local towns. The city is centrally located directly on the A48 highway and forms an important center for the surrounding towns to shop, visit doctors and visit local authorities. Kaisersesch is a recognized tourist resort.

Hiking Trails

Many hiking trails and dream paths can be reached directly, or within a few minutes’ drive from Kaisersesch, such as, the valley of the Wilde Endert, the Eifel Camino, as part of the Jakobsweg (Way of St. James), which runs directly along the Waldhotel Kurfürst, the Eifel-Schiefer cycle path, the Steinbach Rundweg Masburg, the Pommerbachtal and the Traumpfade (dream trails).

Motorcycle Tours

  • Our beautiful Eifel region offers charming motorcycle tours that pass through the striking volcanic landscape with maars and basalt cones. Long curves, serpentines, small side roads make the heart for beginners as well as advanced riders. Not to forget the Nürburgring, a must for every motorcyclist. Through the variety of possibilities, such as hiking, the beautiful excursion destinations and our Kurfürst Spa, even the not hardcore motorcyclists have your fun. Our Eifel Tourguides will be happy to guide you through this challenging area.

Cycling Tours

The Waldhotel Kurfürst is an ideal starting point for beautiful bicycling tours through the wild Eifel to the Mosel valley; for example, a tour to Cochem. Due to the different altitudes, we recommend a mountain bike or E-bike. There are routes for athletes, recreational cyclists, or even children can have fun in our area. We are happy to help you with the planning of your next tour. Here we have selected two routes in advance for you.


  • Castle Pyrmont in Roes is only 14 km from Kaisersesch away:
  • Reichsburg Cochem, the landmark in Cochem on the Moselle River, is only 20 km from Kaisersesch away:
  • Genovevaburg in the city of Mayen has a theater festival during the summer months and the castle is only 20 km away from us. Mayen can also be reached comfortably by train from Kaisersesch: info/a-genovevaburg
  • Elz Castle in Wierschem is one of the most famous castles in Germany, and only 25 km away from us:

Excursion destinations

Theater clubs and performances

  • How about a theater- production directly in our street on the cultural stage at the waterworks plant? There program can be found here
  • In the neighboring village Kaifenheim approximately 7 Km away, there is still a smaller club which preform at different times throughout the year. The dates can be found here