Pure indulgence


What could be better than rewarding yourself and giving yourself completely to relaxation? We offer you a wide range of treatments. We are sure you will find something suitable for you.


Let yourself be carried away by a massage of fragrances, or enjoy an exfoliating massage with herbal pouches. Each treatment can also be booked as a couple's massage. Just ask one of our staff. They will be happy to help you.

Woodruff's Classic Massage

Pure well-being and relaxation! Tailored to your wishes, we will offer you relaxation all along the line. Our high-quality woodruff oils will optimally care for your skin. Your muscles will be loosened and your circulation stimulated. Let yourself go and forget about everyday life!

Partial body massage (back/arms or legs) | 30 min. | € 35.00
Full body massage | 60 min | € 60,00

Woodland Herbal Pouch Massage

This East Asian massage technique is performed with fragrant herbal pouches and hot oil. It is a special and effective form of massage. The cell renewal of the skin is stimulated, muscles are loosened, blood circulation is invigorated and dead skin cells are gently removed. A massage with great effect. Peeling, massage, and skin care in one.

The pouches used for this massage are made especially for you with local herbs.

A massage in a class of its own!

Full body massage | 60 min | € 89,0

Forest Elves Honey Massage - Unwinding the soul

Diverse ingredients penetrate deep into the pores with this massage and have a soothing, purifying and stimulating effect. At the same time, it leaves your skin velvety soft.

Partial body massage (back/arms or legs) | 30 min. | € 40.00
Full body massage | 60 min | € 75,00

Hot Stone Massage - Soothing Body Wellness

A massage perfect for cold days. The warmth of our "hot" basalt stones penetrates deep into the muscles and provides deep relaxation. Your body is flooded with warmth.

A delight in the cold season.

Partial body massage (back/arms or legs) | 30 min. | € 55.00
Full body massage | 60 min | € 89.00

“A Dream of Rose” Wellness Massage

We will whisk you away to a sea of roses. We will free your skin from dead skin cells with a gentle sugar-rose blossom peeling. After a soothing shower, you will become a deep relaxation massage using the combination of almond and rose oils. The delicate scent of the rose is sensually flowery and has a harmonizing, uplifting and relaxing effect. It will enchant your senses and give you new strength.

Partial body massage (back/arms or legs) | 55 min. | € 69.00
Full body massage | 90 min | € 119.00

Aroma oil massage - a treat for the body and the senses

Let yourself be whisked away to a massage of fragrances. Choose a fragrance of your choice from our aroma bar. Depending on your taste, you can choose from a variety of aromatic oils that have a healing, relaxing, or activating effect.

Partial body massage (back/arms or legs) | 30 min. | € 45.00
Full body massage | 60 min | € 89,00

Face & Décolleté Care

Our skin is our largest organ in our body. Our face and décolleté are particularly stressed as they are always exposed to many elements. Let us pamper you and give your skin new energy. It will thank you for it. A cosmetic treatment is balm for body, mind, and soul. We will provide you with the highest level of relaxation and, of course, give your skin the active ingredients it needs.

Anti-Aging Herbal Treatment

A valuable beauty treatment, in combination with selected, highly efficient active ingredients and a relaxing pampering massage, makes your skin glow. Your skin texture is refined and tightened.

Pampering time | 90 min. | € 82,00

Classic Cosmetic Treatment

Get away from it all and treat yourself to a little time out. Tailored to your skin type, your skin is cleansed and freed from dead skin cells with a peeling. After a thorough cleansing, the real feel-good factor begins. Enjoy a relaxing face and décolleté massage. This has a purifying effect and stimulates the circulation. A moisturising mask rounds off this little time-out. With the appropriate finishing care and a serum, we give your skin everything it needs.

Pampering time | 75 min | € 68,00

A little Wellness Time for Face and Décolleté

Why not treat yourself to a little wellness time? We pamper your face, neck and décolleté with a wonderful massage that relaxes you and gives you a re-newed skin elasticity.

Pampering time | 35 min. |  € 35,00

*You can also book a mask treatment for face and décolleté extra!

Pampering time | 55 min. | € 50,00

Hand care

Your hands are in desperate need of care and a little relaxation? You can pamper yourself with a wonderful hand massage during the mask break of every facial treatment. Why not book this directly with your treatment?

Pampering time | 20 min. | € 25,00

Peelings and Masks

Coffee - Salt Peeling

So that your skin can breathe again, we gently remove dead skin cells from your body and ensure deep-pore-cleansing. The effect is purifying and firming for your skin.

Pampering time | 30 min. | € 30,00

Honey Peeling

Allowing your skin to soak up the fresh woodland air, we gently rid your body of dead skin and provide deep-pore cleansing. Our honey peeling with beauty extracts also ensures that your skin looks fresh and feels soft again.

Pampering time | 30 min. | € 30,00

Forest Fresh

After an active, sunny day, your skin needs refreshing coolness, regeneration, and rest. We gently pamper your body with a balm made from natural-based formulas created with precious herbal active ingredients and vitamins.

Pampering time | 30 min. | € 30,00

Wellness for the Feet

A feel-good program tailored to your feet. They carry us every day, throughout our lives, and more than deserve to be pampered. Your feet will thank you!

Little Forest Ranger

Bring relaxation and warmth to your body with a wonderful herbal foot bath, and then enjoy a wonderful relaxing foot massage that stimulates your circulation.

Pampering time | 35 min. | € 35,00

Ranger Deluxe

A warm herbal foot bath will put your body in the mood for relaxation. A coffee-sugar scrub will rid your skin of dead skin cells and will stimulate circulation. Afterwards, your skin is optimally prepared to absorb the subsequent active ingredients of our special foot pack. This has a detoxifying and activating effect, and makes tired feet perk up again. Finally, your feet are pampered with a relaxing massage that enhances your blood circulation. You will notice, that your feet will have new strength, and are ready for new excursions!

Pampering time | 80 min. | € 85,00

Bath ceremonies

Once again here is time for two, or even just for yourself, undisturbed and in a romantic atmosphere with soothing music. In today's very stressful times, we wish for relaxation and tranquility, and that more than once. We can gladly fulfill this wish with pleasure.

Look at our program of all our bath specials, there will certainly be something for you!

Herbal Bath

Enjoy a bath with selected forest herbs. Let yourself fall and exclusively enjoy time for yourself. Absolutely undisturbed, you can listen to the sounds of our relaxing m and let yourself go completely. We will serve you a cup of tea with your bath, which will also help you relax from within.

Pampering time | 30 min | for 1 person € 25,00
Pampering time | 30 min | for 2 persons € 29,00

Rose Bath

The scent of roses is sensual and flowery. Let yourself fall into a bath with rose petals. We will serve you a glass of sparkling wine, as well. Here you can unwind, and enjoy this time for yourself. Escape from everyday life and regain your energy.

Pampering time | 30 min | for 1 person € 25,00
Pampering time | 30 min | for 2 persons € 29,00

Forest Romantic Bath

Crown your stay with a soothing bath for two. With romantic music, a fruity fruit platter and a bottle of sparkling wine, enjoy the fragrantly stimulating bath, while listening to the song of the woodland birds.

Pampering time | 50 min | for 2 persons € 68,00

We are happy to advise you individually and create a bath stay tailored to your needs. If you have more questions about our program? Then call us at +49 2653 98910, or write us a message via our contact form